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‘Alright already’

I am sure that is what you are going to say when I mention shiso again. Seriously, if you had the over-abundance in your yard that I do then, let me tell ya, you’d be talking about it (a whole … Continue reading

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You don’t eat what?!?

So, last nite I was dining with a group of friends, and from across the table I hear, ‘I don’t eat vegetables during the week.’ WHA?!? Hold on. Did I hear that correctly?  Perhaps what I heard was, ‘I don’t … Continue reading

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Vegetable or Flower?

(This post originally appeared 22 July 2009 on I have had a hankering for Space Food Sticks for the past week….anyone but me remember these ‘astronaut staples’ (and yes, they actually ate them)…loved, loved loved, the Space Food Sticks.…think … Continue reading

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